A few words about research proposals…
A research paper proposal is a short summary of research to be conducted, some kind of an outline of the paper. Proposals are written for various reasons – as a part of the academic paper or in order to get financing to conduct the project. In any case, a proposal shall adhere to some universal rules such as the use of the future tense (as you are only planning the research), detailed description of the methods (much more than in a plain scientific article), extensive literature review and sections to describe background and expected results of the research.

Why is it difficult to write a research proposal?
Research proposals are tricky to deal with as they have to be concise yet exhaustive and provide a detailed and vivid description of the research to be conducted. Depending on the institution you are writing for, proposals have to adhere to various requirements, none of which can be neglected. Common mistakes made in the proposals include lack of referencing, no definitions of the scientific terms, the mismatch between the hypothesis and the conclusions. To top it all, you are supposed to employ appropriate language and anticipate the questions your reader might have in the process. You cannot answer them personally – let your paper do it for you.

Is there a solution for those who don’t want to write a proposal?
You bet there is – a custom research proposal. If you don’t feel like writing it or there is no time to spend on it, you are free to order it from a pro. As a matter of fact, a company to provide it is easily found on the Internet and you won’t have to waste time searching. However, you should definitely spend time checking credentials of the research proposal writing service you mean to use, as there are many fraudulent services that will leave you broke and with no proposal to submit.

To make sure that the service you want to use is worth trying, look through its website. It always shows if it was hastily made to earn some money and disappear. Are there any testimonials? Are there any useful articles that you could use to write the proposal yourself? Finally, are there samples of the works already done for you to evaluate? If yes, it is probably worth trying. If not – keep looking.

Are there any drawbacks to ordering a research paper proposal?
Yes, there are, just like anywhere else. Even though you’ve checked the website for reliability as much as you can, there is a chance you will use the wrong one. In the worst case, it will mean that you lose your time and money and there is not much to be done about it. Then, you might receive your proposal, but it might contradict your requirements (To avoid it, make sure that the site you use provides a free-revision option so that you could fix the flaws of the proposal).

Nonetheless, if the paper was properly written and delivered on time, the game is more than just worth the candles. The choice is yours – to take the risk and have a chance to win or to write it yourself and waste your time and risk your grade.